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During Lockdown 2020 in New Zealand due to Covid-19 I took a series of images of my family based on some famous Renaissance and Baroque era paintings, although I have snuck a modern one or two in as well. The originals are hyperlinked to their source where you can read more about them. Any elements borrowed from the original paintings were in the Public Domain for copyright purposes. My images are purely for social commentary. Some of the issues we have had here in New Zealand have been a long, and at times nasty, debate on the use of masks. While the government has stated, don't bother with  them unless you, yourself, are sick we still see lots of people wearing them when out and about. Another thing that happened was the panic buying of toilet paper, hand sanitiser and bread. When the bread came back into stock the flour ran out. In fact, when we were almost at the end of Lockdown, flour still only showed up sporadically on our supermarket shelves. I wanted to involve my family in this project and they have been fantastic models. Even our exchange student got involved and has been a real star. Even though I had a clear idea of what I wanted to shoot and the props I wanted to use, my family have contributed ideas of their own and critical feedback. If you asked me to pick a favourite I couldn't! Soon after I finished this project the NZ Herald picked up the story. Click here to have a read.  Then one of the images got picked up by NZPhotographer Magazine. Its here on page 41. Then I was approached by TVNZ to use a few of my images on You Got This. The video is here on my Facebook page. Each image represents countless hours of shooting and editing, and were very much a labour of love. I hope you enjoy them. 

Each image is printed as a limited run of 20 only canvases 40cm wide by 50cm high. They are $1000 each and 10% is donated to Kapiti Youth Support. They come signed, with a certificate of authenticity. 

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